maintain vinyl siding

How to Maintain Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular exterior finishing options for new homes and remodels. It is durable, versatile, and resilient, but it does require some upkeep. Here are a few ways to extend […]

need new windows

Signs You Need New Windows

A home’s windows can serve many functions. They can increase value and curb appeal, improve energy efficiency, and of course increase the amount of natural light in your home. Like many other home upgrades, replacing […]

prepare your home for roof replacement

Preparing Your Home for a Roof Replacement

It’s important to understand that when you’re having your roof replaced, your home becomes a construction site. There will be roofers on, inside, and around your house. Your home might feel a little hectic for […]

Tamko Heritage Premium Rustic Evergreen Shingles Tamko Shingle Colors

Complete List of Tamko Shingle Colors

Based in Joplin, Missouri, Tamko is one of the largest roofing materials companies in the United States. As such, it offers an array of choices for shingle colors. In all, Tamko offers 50 color styles […]

The Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters in April - Gutter clog

The Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters in April

This April, like many Aprils, rain storms happen frequently. So don’t let leaves clog your gutters and damage your home. Cleaning your gutters properly can help prevent any issues this spring and the rest of […]

Moss Removal

How to Remove Moss from Your Roof

Moss on your roof is not something you want to ignore. While it might give your house that fairytale-cabin look, the damage moss causes to shingles is no fantasy. Moss breaks down shingles, whether they’re […]

Spring Cleaning Roof Checklist, Shingles, E3 Roofing and Remodeling, Roofer

Spring Cleaning Roof Checklist

  Winter is past, and it’s time to complete that to-do list of outdoor chores. But don’t forget to add “take care of roof” to that list. The weather we’ve had this past winter in […]

Types of Asphalt Shingles

What Types of Asphalt Shingles are There?

As with other products, the number of shingle choices available on the market has grown. For decades, 3-tab shingles dominated the market. In recent years, however, dimensional shingles, also called laminated or architectural shingles, have […]