What Causes a Wavy Roof?

wavy roof

Any kind of roof problem can be alarming for a homeowner, and a wavy roof is no exception.

So, why are there waves in your roof? We wish there was a simple answer to this question, but unfortunately there is not. There are actually quite a few potential causes. Luckily, not all of them are permanent, so there is some good news.


Is Your Roof New?

The first thing to consider when trying to determine the cause of waves in your roof is the age of the roof. The most common causes of a wavy roof actually tend to come when the roof is new. Thankfully, these are also the easiest set of issues to remedy. If you have recently had a roof installed, and it has started to look wavy, there are the possibilities:

• A layer of felt paper acts as a base, and goes down before the shingles for every installation. If the material was damp, if the day was humid, or the paper bubbled a bit, if could produce a wavy appearance on your new roof. Thankfully, this is the most common cause, and also the easiest to fix. Typically, in this case, the problem will resolve itself with just a little time and heat. Often, after a few warm summer weeks, the shingles will lay flat and you will no longer notice the wavy look. While it may look concerning now, it’s not permanent and will flatten out soon.

• If your new roof was laid over an old layer of roofing, this could cause the wavy appearance. This is a very unfortunate issue for everyone involved, and a really bad move on the roofing company’s part. Unfortunately in this case, the roof will need to be stripped and reinstalled, and you have every right to feel scammed and be grumpy about the whole mess.

New shingles that are not precisely aligned can also cause a roof to look wavy. Although roofing isn’t necessarily complex, it is extremely precise. One wrong measurement, improperly cut shingle, or low quality materials can simply result in an uneven appearance. This is why working with a trusted professional is so important! And a good reminder that the lowest quote doesn’t always mean the best work.

Is Your Roof Older?

If your roof is starting to get some age on it, there are really only a few reasons it might start to look wavy. And most of them are bad news, unfortunately. The most likely reason an older roof would start to look wavy is that the decking has been damaged. To get an idea of the extent of the damage, you’ll need a professional to come for an inspection. There is a bit of good news here, though. Any amount of decking damage can result in a wavy appearance, so the problem could be tiny and a simple fix for the roofer. However, in some severe cases, rotted decking is going to mean more extensive roof repair and potentially a full roof replacement.

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