Roofing: When Should I Call a Professional?

roof maintenanceIn our last blog, we gave some tips on what you can do to maintain your own roof. (Even if you aren’t much of DIYer, some basic preventative maintenance of your roof can save you a good deal of headache, hassle, and money, so take a look at that blog.) Today, we’ll discuss aspects of roof maintenance that require a professional.

Although there are times when working on your own roof is fine, there are certainly other times when trying to go the DIY route with roof maintenance isn’t the greatest idea. Roofing is dangerous, especially for people without the proper training, equipment, and experience. If you come across some of the following roof issues, we recommend you call a professional.

Shingle and Flashing Repair and Replacement

While it is possible to repair and replace shingles and flashing by yourself, we don’t necessarily recommend it. If done improperly, you could actually do more harm than good. In addition, missing, cracked, or broken shingles can often be an indication of other work that needs to be done to complete the repair. Unless you know what you’re looking for, you might miss something important that could lead to bigger problems later on.

Another notable point here is that even though you think it is possible for you to replace your own shingles and flashing, most roofing material manufacturers will not guarantee materials that haven’t been installed by a professional roofing contractor. By performing your own repairs, you could be voiding your warranty. The reason is simple: A botched installation that misuses the materials will inevitably lead to costly damage.


In our last blog we told you that it is absolutely possible to inspect your own roof, and it is something every home owner should do from time to time. What is important to remember, though, is that there is often more than meets the eye. While you may notice discoloration on your drywall or on the ceiling, you may not know how to search deeper to find the root cause of that discoloration. Inspecting your own roof is good, but it is not the end of the roofing journey; rather it gives you an idea of when you should call a professional for a more thorough inspection. Many roofing companies offer a free inspection anyway, so if there is any indication of roof issues, take advantage of that offer.

Roof Replacement

Obviously, replacing an entire roof is a big job and we, in no way, recommend you try to do it by yourself. Not only is it dangerous, but if it isn’t done right, it can cause even bigger problems. Like we mentioned earlier, you could void the warranty on your materials, so if you have problems down the road, it could cost you even more money and time.

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